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Delving Deeper Into Kaprekar's Constant

What the 6174 Scrutinizer™ algorithm does...

  1. Re-arrange digits from highest to lowest.
  2. Subtract the reverse value.
  3. Repeat the process using the resulting difference until a “stop” or recurring “mathematical loop” occurs.

Emerging Patterns & Potential Uses Of Kaprekar's Constant(s)

It all seems kind of... useless. Amusing perhaps, but ultimately, the underlying question would be... "Can anything useful be derived from any of this non-sense?"

Another speculation might be whether or not, given enough computing power, one could extrapolate any under-lying or emerging patterns that can be related to other known constants such as Pi, the Fibonacci sequence, the Golden Ratio, The Euler-Mascheroni constant, The Feigenbaum constant, or even the Mandelbrot or Julia Sets.

Unfortunately, this application cannot handle more than 5 digits when trying to generate every fixed point for all numbers within the range of 𝓍 digits. The Original 6174 Scrutinizer can handle very large numbers, but only one at a time.


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